Friday, January 23, 2009

Convert an Office 2007 document to 2003 with MS Compatibility Pack.

Video Conversion Software

CuCuSoft allows the user to convert a video file to an MP4 for easy distribution over the internet.

MediaCoder is a bit cumbersome, but can do some nice video conversion.

QuickMediaConverter is very easy to use for video conversions.

Free Cell Phone Clicker Sites

Poll Everywhere
Text the Mob

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Screen time vs. School Time

Interesting article here. Let's get kids engaged in learning with some of that screen time. It will be more productive for them, and it will peel them away from the heavy marketing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Found!!! Micro SD card and reader

To all participants of this past weekend's workshop. Our custodian found a microSD card reader with a microSD card in it. The micro card is 256MB. If you lost it and would like it back, please contact Jon or Aaron.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tablets we recommend

Wacom tablets

Graphire (bluetooth wireless)
Bamboo (USB)

We were indirectly referenced on CNN!!

Cool article that refers to Chemistry teachers using vodcasts to replace in-class lectures...we are those teachers.

Here is the link.

there is a comment about Chemistry teachers in the 4th paragraph and when you click on the link "response to another blogger's post" you see Woodland Park Schools.

Microphones we use and recommend.

Wireless and wired options

Microsoft LifeChat

Our News Clip

Channel 11 in Colorado Springs did a little blurb on us.

PDF Marking Software

Mark up a PDF while using a screen capture program with...

Notebook (MAC)
PDF Annotator (PC)

MAC Podcasting Software Recommendations

Mac users...
Screen Flow

PC Podcasting Software Recommendations (Free)

We have not used these products extensively, but know that they are viable FREE options.
Windows Media Encoder

PC Podcasting Software Recommendations

We have used these products in our classrooms. Both are commercial products.